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FreestyleBeatz Ent LLC makes music and provides production services for established as well as new performing acts.
We have several permanent staff composers and maintain creative collaborative relationships with a plethora of well established songwriters, musicians, and producers – several of which have created musical works that date as far back as 30 years ago and were multi million dollar earners then and are still selling strong today. The company’s services are provided on a per project basis. This is usually “Work for hire”, although we are beginning to get more involved in projects that include us as equity share participants.
As of here lately, the company is leaning more towards collaborating with some of the more established artists in the industry-especially those who have already been signed to a Major Label recording contract who wish to be independent at this time in their career. The company wishes to create the foundation upon which it grows to being a “Mini Major” with the intention to maintain its autonomy while having it’s product(s) distributed by one of the larger labels. The company’s current distribution outlet is primarily Internet Marketing Services which allows our customers access to downloads of our musical products. The company has strong relationships with Professional Promoters, Graphic Designers, Image Consultants, Advertising Specialists and PR Firms.
Recent developments as of 1st quarter 2012 are the grand opening of our full production facility. We can complete not only broadcast ready quality music, but broadcast ready music videos and offer post production audio services to the movie and television segment of the entertainment industry as well. We have purposely staffed the creative department with an even mix of young new talent with fresh ideas-along with tried, tested, mature “proven track record” semi-retired multimillion dollar music producers, arrangers composers and lyricists. It is the company’s intention to be able to show staying power in the industry as well as be on the ready to provide a high quality of service/products in whatever genre of music that is generating high profits. As of the time this plan is being authored, the company has the ability to see a project from embryonic inception all the way to a cellophane shrink-wrapped with UPC “ready for the shelf” completed product, coupled with the ability to produce live performances at medium (2600 seats) sized venues as well as smaller rooms.